Monday, June 16, 2014


 Black and white // Monochrome (Yesssss the theme i got for fyp hahaha)
 My design!! Something really simple. Can't wait for the second design to be here!!

 Grunge lvl: +10
 They sent me extra pieces too. Thanks online purchases. :-*
 lol. feelin' like a kid on that day. sigh.

 awkward khai.
 Nat's working morning shift so, free ice cream!! 
 Looking really sloppy without my leather jacket and floppy.. hahaha.
 That's right. Bow to me. Just kidding. Just some monochrome loving. Details down below under another picture. 

 With anna and jernaine! Went over to orchard Gateway's Sects shop for the launch of depression's NCE, Not Cool Enough collection. Really nice. Hahaha. (Oh, they are my team members for fyp too. Totally matching our outfits with the theme huh! And with depression too. oh well) 

 Who needs a selfie stick when you have long arms yeah? ;-) 
 otw home. 
 kk vain. 
Floppy hat // Cotton On
Leather jacket // Online webstore
Button up top // WARDROBEMESS
Slack pajama Pants // H&M
Sandals // ZARA
Bag // ZARA
Necklace // Bangkok

Alright, will update again soon. After i'm back from camp. Or after anna's done sorting out the photos in her camera for me to do a proper post. 

Hainan island soon!! Hopefully it'll be a beautiful and relaxing place. Then when i'm back, time to stress again!

Goodbye. :-)

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