Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Pizza party.

 Lecturers ordered pizza for us! For celebrating the end of our presentations and the start of our june holidays! 

My plan to cut down on junk can be postponed. 

 my super duper awesome bunch of friends. (they're all my friends and family- lecturers included too.) I'll just leave my thankyou and appreciation post aside till i've graduated. 
oh shit tiff. HAHAHAHAHA ok sorry.
 Ayeeee with my h&m girly girl! 


I'm so funny and awesome.

 Karaoke room before heading home. Everyone was singing, laughing and dancing till there's some slight incident. *ouch* 
 Back to work. 
 Super yummy giant corn snack from daiso!! 

Yes. Back to drawing again. Parts by parts. Gotta go get new technical pens soon!! 

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