Saturday, June 7, 2014

Get over it.

No. I am not sad. I just feel, kind of negative? At this timing especially. 

Idk, just need to get this out. 

So, yes this person is really interesting to you. You just wanna know more about him so you can feel closer. Not in a relationship way but just as friends. Because, what's with the rush. Right?

The way he tells you stuff about himself. It's like, he just wanna let you know about him but not everything. So you're just holding on to it hoping that he'll at least try to continue or initiate a conversation again. But he did not. 

The way he gives you the smirk, smile and actions. Get over it. He's probably just teasing you, being friendly, joking around or, he probably do that to at least a handfull amount of girls too.

But hey, maybe it's just a way to entertainment ourselves because, we gotta make do with what we have since it's so boring and we need something to keep us entertained to pass the time.

why do you have to tell me that. 
i don't think i need to know that.
but it's something about you.
but it's not something that i'll be happy about.. 


There's a lot of girls that's way worthy for him anyway.

get over it.


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