Monday, June 2, 2014

Because i'm HAPPY!

 Back to school! Can finally get to have my fav nasi lemak. hehe. Lunch with dion. Short meetup since he's in my school now. Then lunch with ky and jayce the next day since they're free for lunch too. 
 Am back to drawing! Getting my mood back i guess. Hopefully it'll stay. Thought that i've lost it. Like how i lose my interest in other stuff too.. I'm so bad at staying on one thing. lol.
 shit we do in class. 

 With my UNIF girl.
 So korean looking with the orange lip colour. Hahaha.

 it's like, angelina is staring at me. Oh maleficent!
 Maleficent was just awesome. Really entertaining. I really like how she fits as the character so perfectly!! Nice costume and every single thing. Go watch it. Not gonna spoil you guys.

(Picture credit: TIFFANY - Perfect angle! Looks like as if i have the wings and the headpiece.)
 Mmmmm jennifer lawrence. Not a mistake to touch mystique's boob. hehehe see what i did there. HAVE NOT WATCH XMEN. GOD DAMN IT, I AM SLOW. I WILL, SOON! 

 Simple ootd hahah too lazy for that day. 

 Awesome bunch. 
 Presentation day: Not too bad. Second to present. Think i did well i guess? not much people in class, did not really stutter or break the sentence. Phew. But i forgotten to mention alot of points. Ugh.
 Parka buddy for the day. Coincidental. 
 Sadako. is not impressed. 
 Hahaha was taking ootd with khai and mr mel wanna too. (first pic) then everyone decides to join in and we're all like ayeeee WAIT (tiff snapped already), VOGUE FACE (snap), SMILE! (snap) 

As you can tell, in this photo we have a group of smileys and a group of people looking else where.
 Oh just look at mr mel! HAHAHA!
 Vogue face. FAPD GIRLS. And lecturer. ;-) 

And, really nice background because it's kinda dimmed because it just rained and the sun's still covered by the clouds so everything looks good. Especially the green hue from the plants. loving it! 
 Hahaha went to sac to look for the ones who stayed after camp briefing. Yep, playing Jenga. The loser who topple down gotta do forfeit. 

 Went over to town to meet my mum. FOR SOME RETAIL THERAPY!! So happy! Bought some basics from h&m and a new wallet from fossils. OH! NOT FORGETTING MY SANDALS FROM ZARA! SO HAPPY AND I'M LOVING IT SO MUCH. CAN'T WAIT TO WEAR THEM OUT! Mum bought a bag from zara too. Choose the design so i can use it too. Hehehe. 
 Crepe cakes and some fruit smoothie for dinner since we're not that hungry.
 Flat lay // blackBLACKblack

-Zara bag and sandals 

-Daiso Hat (IKR! from daiso! Looks really cute. Last one that i found too. Total cheap thrill)
-Mac lipstick (omg found the one that i thought i've lost/dropped it!) 

-Maybelline Eyeliner (Super good and last really well too!) 
-H&M Slack pants.
 Worked on saturday. Business not that bad! :-) 

 Lazy sunday. Supposed to be working today but changed of plan. So i kinda spent my sunday using my laptop for the whole day and nothing productive at all. 
Sushi at tampines for dinner. Not too bad. Bought tea again. Gonna make it a habit to drink them more often.

Goodbye! :-)

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