Wednesday, May 28, 2014


 Green tea cream. My favourite comfort drink.

 Perfect day to wear my parka out on that day. 

 Finally wearing my boots out. Even though it's a size bigger, it is still very comfortable! Love it. 

Parka // Cotton On
V neck Burgundy shirt // ASOS
Black pants // Bangkok
Tribal necklace // F21
Boots // Asos (Truffle)

 My Nike Buddies. 
 Hahaha posing like as if we're the models. 
Leather jacket // Online webstore 
Plaid sleeveless top // H&M
Necklace // Bangkok
Denim shorts // F21
Bag // Esprit
 Back to school. For prepping presentation slides. 

 Some photobooth lovin' 

 "God damn it crissandra" 

 oh lawd.


So, i am back in school for this week to get my presentation slides and booklet done. Have no started with the presentation slide and the writing for the booklet. Oh shit. Gonna update one more page to get it printed out for submission.

Need to get my booklet so i went to look for my boss to get her to fill up my grades and stuff. 

Was a great after everything because managed to at least have a short chat hahaha. 

OH YES, MANAGED TO GET A WHITE OVERSIZED TOP FOR $5 AT H&M. WHAT A STEAL. Then, i bought a pair of tropical printed shorts from Zara. For only $19.90. Hahaha really love it but when it's wore on me, it looks like pyjamas. Ugh. Think i'll bring it with me to Hainan island on the june holiday trip. GONNA SOAK UP SOME SUN AND RELAX AT THE BEACH OTHER THERE. HEHEHE CAN'T WAIT. So tempted to buy sandals nowadays. Gonna get the double strapped one from zara soon. Ugh, gonna spend my mum's money again. Hahaha sorry mum i gotta look good. Just kidding. I just want that pair of sandal.. Think i find new items to want again. HAHAH!

Alright, that's all! Bye! 

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