Monday, May 19, 2014


Decided to get some nail foils and give it a try. Found some really nice ones! 

 Pretty neat! 

 Only wearing slippers to town if i'm wearing maxi or midi dresses hahaha.

 Got really bored. Hahaha bad sales day man. :(

 Decided to just wear my Shorts overall out. After three years. Wow hahaha. 

 Feeling like a kid. Hehehe.

 Went around town to shop with anna today! Went to suntec for the blue print event then head over to scape to get my new specs. (am trying to get use to it now hahaha) Will camwhore with it next time. Then final stop at Far east plaza (lol yup, i'm still there even on my off day.) to get my rivieras from The corner shop. They are sooooo comfortable. Kinda stayed there for an hour? Random chats with daniel haha. Interesting dude. 

 Really cute polka dotted crop buttoned up top! From H&M (nope i did not get it lol.)
 My new baby. Hopefully i wont really dirty it. BECAUSE I WANT IT TO BE OFF WHITE NOT DIRT WHITE. HAHAHAHA.

Happy. Am really happy. But not that happy with the hole in my wallet and the lack of space in my room DUE TO LOADS OF SHOPPING FOR THIS AND LAST MONTH. 


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