Thursday, May 8, 2014

Getting over it.

The person, who i thought i'm fated with.
Turns out that everything was just a joke or for fun to him. Knowing that person was fun because he will never let a day pass by without making you laugh at his silly actions and jokes. The only person that made me believe that fate is not just a word or term. Maybe it was just pure coincidental but it was surprisingly coincidental at the right timing. 
He will mock at the stuff that you're wearing, like what type of weird, huge geeky specs you have on your face, but at the end of the day, he'll go how it's actually looking cute and stuff about it. No idea if he was just being kind or just trying to be nice with the words but it definitely left a smile on my face for the whole entire night.   
Everything ended without a clue. As usual, one party stopped replying. Or only give cold replies. 
The usual teasing in real life stopped too. 
It became like how it is right from the start once again. Strangers. 
Walking past each other looking right in the eyes but nope, nothing at all. Just no conversations at all.

So curious about what happened between us. Not in a relationship way but as friends. Our friendship ended just like that. Maybe someone said something about me that made him reacted that way. Because the things he do and say are partly the reason why i dare to continue to try my luck in getting to know him more and better before assume that i like that person.

Well, guess if we're gonna end up together, i might not be who i am right now. But i'm really curious about how it'll be like if we're still really close friends that can say anything and everything to each other. 
Guess it's impossible anyway. We can't even have a conversation together without being awkward right now. haha. 

The person, who i thought will be the one. 

Hah no. That person probably have other intentions anyway. 
The one i cried for a few weeks for. Then to realize how stupid i am to waste my time and effort on. 
But hey, I get nice and even eyes after crying so it's still ok. lol. 
Probably the one i'm really happy with because for the first time, i managed to get what i wanted. 
The journey was totally flat. Did try to convince myself that i'm not suppose to expect much but guess i'm glad that everything ended and he's better off with another person. No point forcing everything to last and be happy about it.

Well, more stories and adventures for me to discover in the future. I'm still young. Not gonna let anything make me feel sad and feel like shit for too long. 

Just need to write it out to get it off my chest. lol sorry, do not have perfect english/ writing skills. Nobody reads this space anyway. It's just a small little page for me to post whatever i want. 

Maybe my impression of people changes really quickly. I'm probably expecting way too much. When i'm not that perfect my own. 

Not gonna get involve with any issues that have feelings involved. 


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