Friday, May 23, 2014


 Hahaha feeling so korean style for that day.
 Rolls and shelves of fabrics.

 My sketched designs.
 The prototype dress. Hehehe so satisfied with how it turned out!! So gonna purchase them when it's ready.

 Pretty. But ugh bluek meh GET AWAY FROM ME OK.

 ZZZ so annoyed with my thighs. 
 Jamie bought the 3CE lipstick for me when she's in korea. Hehehe. Definitely something new and different. It's a orange toned lipstick lol. I'm surprised that i can pull off this tone/shade of orange. Good thing about fair skinned people.
 Ahhhh new zouk flyers. So beautiful. Loving the prints!

Ooooh la la! 

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  1. Hi! May I know where is the factory located at? I am finding a similar setting for a filming project so will really appreciate if you dont mind sharing :) Have a good day!