Monday, May 12, 2014

Timbre Again.

Loving my DW watch.
 Monochromatic dayyyyyy. Except for the shoe.

 Hahahah free grape sorbet from nat!

 do you see that thunder thighs? YES WE CAN!

 Beers again hahahaha.
 Duck pizza again. Am craving for it now wtf. 

 Lychee martini and strawberry/mango margaritas. 

 With wanxin!
 Hahaha nicole the chihuahua.

 Loooooong time since we three took a photo tgt. :')

 101 lesson on getting nicely tinted pink cheeks without any makeup: Have some alcoholic drinks hahahaha.

 Just nicole doing her thang. By photobombing our grp shots and self shots.


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