Monday, May 5, 2014

i'm yelleh TIMBRE!

Bowler hat // Boutique at OC
Whitw draped top // INC
Nike // Airmax1
Necklace // f21

 Pretty background huh. Will definitely tour around there again soon. 
 Timbre for supper (duck pizza and truffle fries!!) with rachel. hehe.

 It's been sooOOoooOooooo long.
 Can have this every week.
 Hahaha ordered Tequila sunrise after the beers and holy crap, it taste really Horrible. Like medicine. ew.

 Supposing to work half day for today but boss changed her mind. Phew, able to rest for awhile. Then decided to head to town to do a pair of new glasses and get a wallet. 

Tried starbucks' new Caramel ribbon crunch. i think. and it's super duper yummy!! and fattening. but i'm already fat so not much difference! hahaha.
 So ended up at Alcoholiday to show mum the daniel wellington watches. 

 Then, to forever 21 to tried some denim shorts. 
 So yup, I BOUGHT IT. Well, my mum kinda paid for it. So, SHE BOUGHT IT FOR ME. HAHAHA gonna pay her back after i get my second pay. 
Instead of getting my wallet, i bought two pairs of shorts and a tropical printed cropped tee from f21 and left a big hole in my spoilt wallet. Damn it. Yep, bought my new specs already. Just have to go get my degrees checked and sent it to them to put the lenses in. Hahaha can't wait to receive my specs. Hopefully i will not regret choosing that frame though. 

Should probably get a wallet soon. Maybe something affordable to replace the current one first.. 

Finishing intern soon. In a week actually. Yay, gonna get paid by normal rate soon! 

Oh shit. have no start preparing for my presentation and the slides.. hopefully i'll do it real soon. 

Procrastinating sucks. Can't help it, i'm a total lazy bum. 

Alright that's all. Gotta edit some vids now. It's an April collective haul video. ;-)


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