Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Leather Jacket.

 Cooked brunch for my brother. Such a good sister huh. #wifeymaterial too. lol.
Loving my white nails. Hehe.

 Impromptu town wandering with rachel.
 Yes. Wearing my leather jacket out. Because, i think i'll at least die Looking good and fine. Yep. 
Also, just in case you bump into people that you don't really have good terms with. Hello, be happy with what you're wearing and if possible, impress them. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH just saying.

 ok thanks rachel x1

 okay thanks rachel x2

Dinner at Saveur! Super affordable and yummy! So this is like, chicken thigh meat stuffed with foie gras with risotto-like cream rice at the bottom.
Last but not least, Their signature aglio olio. So yummy! So good go have it again soon since i'm always at that area. Well, just a few floors above, lol. 
 Alright, good bye!! :-)

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