Wednesday, May 21, 2014


 Literally speaks as vaCHINA. Hahahaha oh god why am i so lame. 
 New specs! Ugh, so vintage and nerd looking. LOVE IT. But, gotta wear eyeliner and red lipstick to get that look. Or else i'll look like as if i have tiny eyes. (Because i did not expect the frame to be that huge hahaha) But, still loving it!! Got it from visual mass. :-)

 So, decided to pack my room. Then it leads to me taking out my 3m board (full with doodles and notes and everything). Decided to paint some circles using my acrylic chalk paint. 

 Really satisfied with it!! Looking so cute and much alive now! Probably gonna get more hooks to hang the necklaces on the walls. 
The corner of my bed area. Decided to repaint it alittle because i doodle stuff there and it's so out of place. Better looking now! Sticked on some pegs and clipped my polaroids there! Photos of family (mum, grandma and grandpa. - no father or bro because, have not taken with them hahaha) then my secondary close mates and current ite close mates too!! 
Alright, goodbye! 

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